The Bold Place is a home for statement-making interiors ideas

It's a place for shaking things up and trying something new

It's about growing in confidence and uncovering design tricks to help us on our way


I have long been interested in beautiful interiors, but for many years - up until very recently - this didn't go beyond gazing longingly at fabulous homes in the pages of magazines. I didn't dream of trying to create the same for my own home. Where to even begin - and surely you need an incredible creative talent to pull it off? Or a massive pot of money?

Easier to stick to the daydreaming - it's nice and safe that way.

But safe is boring and I realised I didn't want that.

I named this blog The Bold Place. Firstly, because I've learnt that I'm drawn to daring, dramatic decorating. And secondly, because I want it to act as a personal reminder to be brave and try new things with my decorating.

I've been dipping my toe in the water, making improvements to my home - some big and some small. I'm on a mission to teach myself how to do this and I'm sharing my journey and what I learn on this blog.

Want to join me?

Victoria x